- December 14th, 2023 -

Post Scriptum is now Squad 44 – The Battle of Rethymno Now Available!

Hello everyone!
If you haven’t heard, Post Scriptum has been acquired by Offworld Industries and we’re currently working with the wonderful team at Mercury Arts to bring you new updates and content. With the acquisition, we’re also proud to announce a new name for Post Scriptum: 

Squad 44!

We’re incredibly excited for the future of Squad 44, and growing the community around it. This is a new era for the game, and we’re hopeful you’ll come along for the ride.

With that, we also have a new update for you!

New Update – Contents

The Battle of Rethymno took place on the Island of Crete between May 20th and 29th in 1941 with Greek and Australian Forces clashing against Fallschirmjäger from the German 7th Fliegerdivision.

As the second and final map in the Battle of Crete series, the Rethymno battlefield has been recreated utilising modern terrain height maps and original maps and sketches dating back to the battle.

This new release also includes a new Greek Faction developed with input from historians and Greek reenactment organisations. The new faction will bring an eclectic mix of German, French, English, Italian and Greek weapons to the game. New weapons include 4 rifles, 2 pistols, 1 light mortar, and a knife.

Changelog – v0.1.0.227771

Gameplay changes

  • Added Greek faction (5th Cretan Division)
  • Added Aussie faction (19th Brigade AUS)
  • Fixed height on JU-52 parachute cmd call-in
  • Fixed small bugs on the DFS-230 glider cmd call-in
  • Disabled JU-52 logi drop for FPS testing reasons
  • Updated OutOfBounds for Maleme and Rethymno to avoid CMD call-in problems
  • Added correct Chapter Mercury vehicle Kill/Death ticket rules
  • Added missing heads for french and american winter uniforms
  • Team rally points are visible for other squad leaders and commander

Level Design changes

Rethymno map added

  • OFFENSIVE S01 (Gruppe Mitte vs. Greeks)
  • OFFENSIVE S02 (Greeks vs. Gruppe Mitte)
  • OFFENSIVE S03 (Gruppe Mitte vs. Greeks)
  • OFFENSIVE S04 (Greeks vs. Gruppe Mitte)
  • OFFENSIVE S05 (Gruppe Mitte vs. 19th Aussie)
  • OFFENSIVE S06 (19th Aussie vs. Gruppe Mitte)
  • RAAS (Gruppe Mitte vs. 19th Aussie)
  • Armoured (Gruppe Mitte vs. 19th Aussie)

Maleme lightning update + factions on layer updated

  • OFFENSIVE S01 (Gruppe West vs. ANZAC)
  • OFFENSIVE S02 (ANZAC vs. Gebirgsjäger)
  • OFFENSIVE S03( Gruppe West vs. ANZAC)
  • OFFENSIVE S04 (ANZAC vs. Gebirgsjäger)
  • OFFENSIVE S05 (Gruppe West vs. Greeks)
  • OFFENSIVE S06 (Greeks vs. Gebirgsjäger)
  • RAAS Gruppe (West vs. ANZAC)
  • Removed H35 from French CH2 maps to avoid crashing

Weapon changes

  • Brixia Mortar added
  • FN1922 pistol added
  • M1895 pistol added
  • Männlicher 1903 rifle added
  • Männlicher 1903 carbine rifle added
  • Männlicher 1903-14 rifle added
  • MLE 1874 rifle added
  • Lee Enfield ranging bugfixed
  • Lewis ranging bugfixed
  • Clipping on multiple weapons bug fixed
  • Animation update on multiple weapons on firing

Vehicle changes

  • Fixed broken collision on the DFS-230 gliders
  • Updated driving values on Kettenkrad
  • Added some missing LODs
  • Updated some LODs

Other Changes

  • GBJ character bugfix
  • Improved FPS for Maleme and Rethymno
  • Removed scaling minimap (to avoid blocking buttons)
  • Added channel info on chat messages (All, Team, Squad, Admin)
  • Tank section UI only visible by having a tank in main
  • Fixed bug by killing yourself in a tank by moving too fast
  • Fixed bug to double shoot with an emplacement

Known Bugs

  • Minimap mouse is offset
  • Clear Cache button doesn’t clear cache fully
  • RP are visible for every player in the same team
  • RP can overlap each others and block spawn UI
  • Fences around Rethymno airfield are impassable with vehicles
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