- February 16th, 2024 -

Squad 44 – 6 Month Roadmap

All information provided in this blog is under development and highly subject to change.

Hello Soldiers,

We’ve gotten our hands on some top-secret documents, so let’s go through them!

SQUAD 44 – 6 Month Roadmap

First off, some meaning behind the sections:

Current Operations:

  • These changes are coming soon in the next updates (some have already happened)

In concept:

  • These are currently being developed for future updates

Future Operations:

  • Plans for far into the future, highly subject to change and could take longer than 6 months to implement.

Also, note that all this information is subject to change, and we plan to release another roadmap later this year to keep you updated on changes.

Current Operations

  • Chapter 1 Overhaul
  • New map textures
  • Updated weapon textures
  • New environmental meshes
  • Overall optimization and bug-fixing

Our current focus is on a graphical overhaul of Chapter 1 maps. The ambition is to upgrade the appearance of these maps to provide players with a much more realistic and immersive environment. Research has gone into finding period-specific imagery of the Market Garden areas to further align Chapter 1 maps to the battlefields they reflect. Following the recent lighting and foliage update, the team is working hard to refine building and environment meshes and provide more realistic textures to get players a little bit closer to the frontline in 1944.

While our graphics overhaul of Chapter 1 is ongoing, our coders continue working hard to fix bugs in the game and push further optimization where possible, while combating previous negative game metas (such as backline camping). As such, systems like the new spawn and logistics system continue to be refined, and the team is grateful for all the feedback from the community in assisting with that. As this rework continues to develop, the Logistics section will start to receive more love in the coming updates, with more buildables coming to give the Logistics section a greater punch in the future and further define their role in the team. You can see some examples of new buildables and emplaced weapons coming to the game in the future below.

In addition to the above, weapon textures will soon start getting a pass to bring them up to a new standard. We are also looking at bringing to the game various new historically accurate weapons and vehicles to add greater variety to the existing factions.

In Concept

  • Further chapter overhauls
  • Increased accessibility
  • Improved admin tools

Although the current focus remains firmly on Chapter 1 maps and models, we will spread the love further to other chapters to spruce them up and further immerse players across all Squad 44 battlefields. This also includes work to improve the heads and arms of various player models and further refinements to vehicles to accommodate changes made to the gameplay and to offer a more genuine look.

Following multiple requests from Server hosters, admin tools will also be looked at throughout the summer, while tutorials and an improved Arnhem Range will be developed to help support new players accessing the game.

Future Operations

  • New game mode
  • New faction
  • New theatre
  • Increased server player limits

Oh, how we would love to tell you about what is being worked on here! Already we have a new game mode in mind, and several weapons for our next faction made and animated, ready to go into battle later this year…. but where? While we can’t give that away yet, we can say that when these weapons do see action, we hope they will be on servers of 100 players! Please share your thoughts on where you would like to see Squad 44 go next in the comments.

Community Plans

The community of Squad 44 is what truly makes it unique, and we have plans to show it off more this year!

Current plans for community:

  • Showing off the modding community through Modding Spotlight blogs, social media, and live streams
  • Supporting community clan events with advertising in Squad 44 community spaces
  • Revamping the Partner program
  • Regular monthly live streams, playing games with the community, dev Q&As, events, etc.

Thoughts? Questions? Concerns? Feel free to reach out in our community spaces on Steam, Reddit, or Discord! We’re always checking these spaces for feedback.

All information provided in this blog is under development and highly subject to change.

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