- March 29th, 2024 -

Easter Eggs in Squad 44

Hey folks! Luna from Offworld here. 

There happen to be a lot of Easter eggs in Squad 44. They can be easy to miss, especially when you’re focused on the objective.

I asked the Mercury Arts team to share with me all the Squad 44 Easter eggs they know and have compiled a bit of a hunt for you all. This list doesn’t cover all the Easter eggs you could find, so let me know if you have others that aren’t on this list! 

There was also one that I couldn’t find but have been told exists, so if you find it, please share it with me!

With this list, I’m only sharing the maps of the Easter eggs, so have fun this holiday weekend and go hunt!

1. Maleme – Bob Semple Tank

We’re starting off with an easy one! 

This lovely feat of engineering is on Maleme and is a little obvious. Watch out for those dangerous curves!

2. Maleme – Duck on a Boat

Now, you won’t be able to find this one on foot. Seeing this lovely homage to the snazziest duckling takes a bit of cheating (using the admin cam).

3. Hagenau – Dog Shrine

This shrine is dedicated to developer Gunschlinger’s sweet dog. This one can be tricky to find since this map has a lot of places to search, but I bet you all are up for the challenge! 

4. Rethymno – Dog Plane

A few planes on Rethymno have this cute decal on the side. 

5. Rethymno – Paintings of Katz’s dogs

Katz’s sweet pups have been immortalised as lovely oil paintings on Rethymno. See if you can find them!

6. Best – Narnia Lampost

It’s a classic! This secluded spot is perfect for secret meetings, alone time, or reading a timeless fantasy novel. 

7. Carentan – Playable Piano

This one is also easy to find. Did you know you can play it by pressing F? Try it out the next time you see it! 

8. Ride-able tractor – Veghel, Carentan

Thanks to Lelun on Discord for showing me this beauty. This tractor spawns in different locations on Veghel and Carentan (possibly other maps too, but we weren’t certain). If you see it, definitely take it out for a test drive! 

9. Ducks on Doorwerth?? 

This easter egg was the one some helpful playtesters and I could not find. I was told that developer McDuckSauce had hidden a bunch of rubber ducks all over Doorwerth, but we could not find a single one! If anyone finds a rubber duck on Doorwerth, please let me know! Maybe I was lied to…

Big shoutouts to the playtesters who helped me look for these!

Good luck, and happy hunting!

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