- April 15th, 2024 -

Update: Operation Clean Sweep is LIVE

Hey folks! The team has been doing some spring cleaning and have a brand new update for you! 

Here are some highlights, and don’t forget to check the Changelog for a complete list of changes (there are a lot)!

What’s New

Updated Graphics for Chapter 1 Maps

A lot of work has been done cleaning up the Chapter 1 maps: updating textures, fixing lighting, and adding furniture to buildings to give a more “lived-in” feel. All of this has been done with optimization in mind.

New Visual Effects

We’ve made significant changes to the visual effects in-game, specifically to plane bomb explosions, HE shell explosions against wood, concrete and metal, artillery explosions and muzzle flashes. Just check out these before and afters to see the difference! 

Old Explosion
New Explosion

New Logistics Buildables

Logi squads have brand new buildables, including a M2HB 50 cal bunker. 


Level Design

  • Multiple level design amends on Chapter 1 maps
  • Lighting amends all maps
  • Maginot tunnels added
  • Def spawns moved on some small maps
  • New loading screens for maps
  • Interior furnishing on Chapter 1 maps
  • HLOD test Carentan

Art Amends

  • Multiple new logistics buildables (faction specific)
  • Multiple environment art & building models improved graphically


  • Allowed MGs & mortars to be useable by both teams
  • Stopped fixed AT guns being used by both factions

New Weapons

  • Berthier 1907 (FR)
  • Colt 1917 Revolver (US)
  • Webley Mk6 Revolver (GB)
  • P14 Sniper (ANZAC)
  • RSC 1917 (FR)
  • Mle. 1892 Revolver (FR)
  • Ruby Pistol (FR)
  • MG08/15 (GER)
  • Browning HP (GB)
  • Browning Pistole 640b (GER)
  • Anti Tank K98 Grenade Launcher (GER)
  • SMLE No.1 MK3 Cup Discharger (ANZAC)
  • Emplaced M2HB .50cal (US)
  • Emplaced St Etienne (Greek)
  • Emplaced MG08/15 (GER)
  • M3 37mm AT Gun (US)


  • Amended Lee Enfield animation to be more realistic

Infantry Faction Amends 

France 1940

  • Mortier Leger (changed primary rifle to the RSC 1917)
  • Commandant all variants (changed side arm to  the Mle. 1892 Revolver)
  • Medecin de combat (changed side arm to  the Ruby Pistol)

Wehrmacht 1940

  • Created new MG role (MG08/15)

Waffen SS

  • Sanitäter (changed side arm to Browning Pistole 640b)
  • Funker (changed side arm to Browning Pistole 640b)

Wehrmacht 1944

  • Schießbecher (added Anti Tank K98 Grenade Launcher )


  • Marksman (changed primary rifle to the P14 sniper)
  • Created Grenadier role (added SMLE No.1 MK3 Cup Discharger)


  • Light mortar (changed primary rifle to Berthier 1907)
  • Ensured NCO lee Enfield role has a lee Enfield mk3 (bug fix)

All US factions

  • All tank crew (inc the SL) (change sidearm to the Colt 1917 Revolver)

UK factions

  • Officer all variants (changed side arm to Webley Mk6 Revolver)
  • Radioman (changed sidearm to Browning HP)

Logistics Buildable amends

Crete Factions

  • Removed the Pak38 from the 1941 Falschirmjager & gebirgsjager (crete maps)
  • Added LG40 to the Falschirmjager & gebirgsjager (crete maps)
  • Removed QF gun from ANZACs & Greeks (crete maps)
  • Changed the greek emplacement mg from the vickers to the emplaced st etienne

1940 Wehrmacht

  • Added emplaced MG08/15
  • Added Pak36

French 1940

  • Added APX
  • Added Hotchkiss MG

All US Factions

  • Added M2HB 50cal  (classed as an infantry support weapon so logistics buildable only, should have the same restrictions as the German 20mm & cost the same to build & reload)
  • Added M3 37mm AT gun

Armour changes

  • Re-zeroed all tank & AT gun sights
  • Assigned historically accurate magnification to sights

VFX/SFX Upgrade & Optimisation

  • New plane bomb blasts
  • New HE shell explosions (metal/armour/wood)
  • New artillery explosions (gravel/sand etc)
  • Added Muzzle Flash FX
  • Added faction-specific historically accurate tracer colours

User Interface

  • Moving mouse over a radio on mini map shows build range and radio exclusion range
  • Provided toggleable option to always show the above ranges or not
  • Introduced hover widget over deployables to show cost & how many built
  • Updated buildables UI
  • Updated legend for spawn screen
  • Updated UIs showing radio/spawn tent/supplies status in vicinity of radios
  • Improved equipment icons


  • Draw calls reduced on a significant number of environment art assets
  • Added LODs to Wheel Controllers
  • Set server queue limits to 15 (reduces server load)

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed shadow pooling on Chapter 2 maps
  • Texture fixes on Dinnant
  • Fixed player head variation not working
  • Fixed AT emplacements being visible to the other team
  • Fixed water kill volumes not killing certain vehicles
  • Fixed Radio dig down/Spawn tent exploit
  • Cleaned up camera system on emplaced guns
  • French Cdr car now visible on minimap
  • Added Polish flag to Polish layers
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